Cleaning Your Copy

May 29, 2010 StormAshley

Cleaning Your Copy was a long assignment but I learned a lot. The program explained various types of punctuation. I found it interesting that you can use a colon instead of a period between two sentences that represent contrasting ideas.  I found it surprising that when it comes to commas, if a word or phrase in essential, you do not put commas around it.  I also learned that semicolons are used to indicate a greater separation of thought an information than a commaan indicate.

I learned the importance of spelling. When words are misspelled, the reader wont notice your lack of skill. However I found it surprising that when you misspell words in a story the reader realizes it and assumes the writer lacks skill.  Commonly misspelled words are; accomodate, commitment, and embarrass.

The Course test was confusing too me beacause I finished it and fixed every question and I went over it several times and it kept saying that it was incomplete, im no sure if I was doing something worng or what was going on.

After taking this course I wish that it concentrated more on explaining how and when to apply which type of punctuation. I caught up on modifiers, which I haven’t practiced much. What I found most helpful, was the practice problems and the examples that they gave, which showed you the correct and incorrect way to write the sentence.

Overall the course was a good source of information for me however it was very confusing. I did learn a few thing’s, however I wish the instructions had been more clear. I found the quizzes to be most helpful. I took the course twice and I performed significantly better the second time around. I got a 100% on the spelling, which I have never had a problem with before. Punctuation still proves to be my weakness.


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