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PR Connections for Week 5

Ok so my guilty pleasure is getting on to skinny vs. curvy… its the best website ever invented. You can get on and look up the most recent pictures of celebrities. The website has a vast majority of different categories that you can choose from, ranging from red carpet pictures to bikini pictures.

Its amazing to me to see how the photographers get so close to the celebrities especially in personal moments. I remember just recently there being a picture of Jessica Simpson leaving the gym. It makes you wonder how long they have to sit and wait just to get that one shot that can make millions.

The website also shows you the photo shopped version of the picture and the actual copy. Its insane how celebrities are made out to be perfect people without imperfections but when you see the original picture, they look entirely different and like every day people.

In my opinion it is wrong for celebrities to be photo shopped, it gives young girls the wrong expectation of what you should look like. Its a double standard because celebrities look beautiful in there picture but yet most of it has been edited to appeal to the readers.

Jessica Hits The Gym


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Chapter’s 7 & 8 Reading Notes

This information is based upon my reading from “Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques,” 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox.

Chapter 7 focused on discussing Creating News Features and Op-Ed. During my reading I learned that unlike news releases that emphasize the timely disclosure of basic information about situations and events, feature stories provide additional background information, generate human interest, and create understanding in a more imaginative way.

Features are considered “soft news” rather than “hard news.” Feature stories come in all different shapes and sizes. All of them have potential to:

  • provide more information to the consumer
  • give background and context about organizations
  • provide behind-the-scenes perspective
  • give a human dimension to situations and events
  • generate publicity for standard products and services.

Evidence suggests that feature stories are on the rise and becoming increasingly popular with newspapers and magazines. There are different types of features such as:

  • Case study
  • Application story
  • Research study
  • Backgrounder
  • Personality profile
  • Historical piece

I learned that Op-Ed pieces provide an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to reach an audience of readers that will tend to be “influentials.” Some tips for writing the perfect Op-Ed include:

  • Concentrating on presenting one main idea or a single theme.
  • Don’t ramble or deviate from your principal points. An op-ed is not an essay that slowly builds to its point.
  • Be timely. The article should be about a current social issue, situation, or news event.
  • Query editors before sending an op-ed; it will save time and energy.

Chapter 8 dealt with Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics. I learned that components of a good photo include, technical quality, subject matter, composition, action, scale, camera angle, lighting and timing, and color. I learned that it is important to use a skilled photographer with professional experience.

I found it surprising to learn that a portrait photographer may not be good at photographing special events. I also found it surprising that the book stated that photographers, even for publicity, are not advertising. make sure you identify the news value of the story you want to illustrate. After reading both chapter’s I would have liked to learn more about photo’s and what components make the “perfect” picture.

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Topic of the Week, Week 5

During week 5, our assignment was to create a twitter account and follow people in our class. I am not a huge twitter fan. I remember when it fist came out and I first heard about it on the radio and I thought to myself, Wow that’s a weird name!

In all honesty, I had no desire to create a twitter account until it became a class assignment. I have always been an avid facebook fan, but i never could grasp the concept of twitter. I know its popular among celebrities because they get paid based on what products they promote via twitter, Kim Kardashian is famous for her high priced tweets.

During the week, I followed a few people I found to be interesting, one of which was my good friend Mandy. I began to get the hang of it. Although I didn’t know what to tweet about without sounding lame.It was hard for me to get on to my account several times a day due to my class schedule.

I’m pretty sure I tweeted about the test I was studying for. I checked out other people’s tweets and they mostly consisted of  personal updates about the weather or what they were about to do. If anyone wanted to stalk a person, twitter would be the way to go.

Although it only lasted a week, I was already running out of things to tweet about on the first day. I can understand why companies use twitter because its a good way to keep followers updated, but I don’t see the point of every day people using it to update when they are at the grocery store and what type of crackers they bought. I would have liked to enjoy twitter more but it just isn’t my favorite form of communication.

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Pr Connection Week 4

It is amazing too me how much celebrities get paid to be on twitter and advertise companies. Twitter has been a growing sensation in the media and one of its main attributes is the ability to follow your favorite celebrity on it and watch they’re every move.

Today stars are tweeting about everything, ranging from there favorite personal trainers to what toilet paper they prefer. We all know that we wouldn’t tweet about such personal thing’s unless someone was offering us money to do so.

It has been rumored that Kim Kardashian received twelve thousand dollar’s to tweet about how much she loves the product Quiktrim. I’m really confused as to why she is a celebrity in the first place, never mind being paid that much money just for tweeting about it. But that goes to show you just how powerful the media is and how big of an influence celebrities have over us.

My good friend Mandy folllows Kristin Cavallari’s twitter religiously. Every day shes like Oh My Gosh Kristin went to the gym for three hours this morning, or ill hear “Kristin likes grapes so i’m going to start eating them.”  I find it comical but a lot of people love following celebrities on twitter because it gives them a feeling that they know them on a more personal leve

I have yet to create a twitter account, but I know that I will have to for an assignment for this class so I guess I will see if I like it. Who knows, maybe ill become like the rest and be addicted to twitter. But I highly doubt it!

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The Lead Lab, Week 4

An assignment for this class we were too check out The Lead lab. I found this course very helpful. The lead lab discussed the importance of leads and how to properly write them. The first topic I chose to review was discovering how to write a lead.

Here, I learned that it is important to start with the five W’s and an H; What, who, where, when and how. Reporters and writers have used the 5 W’s and an H for over the past 100 years. Then when you acquire that knowledge, you choose two of them to zero in on. I found it helpful that they provided us with tips from writers. One tip that I found useful was try to put yourself in the place of the reader or audience. It is also important to interview your best source yourself.

Next you look for the tension in the lead. Many stories are believed to be told best when they involve tension in them. Tension, when two forces compete with each other, is not the same as conflict. Conflict is when two forces attack each other.

The last step is choosing your lead. It should depend on your news organization, the news,  and the timing of the publication. It is important that you are the first to report and in a timely manner. It is important that your reader’s hear the news from you first.Exclusivity also plays a major role in choosing a lead.

It is important to understand that leads should never begin with a quote. It is also important that your lead contains attribution, although it is important to readers to know where the source comes from. It can become overwhelming for a reader. I found it surprising that a good Lead is never more than three or four lines long, keeping it short is crucial.

It is important for the lead to sum up the story in one paragraph. Reader’s want the entire story compacted into one paragraph. Although this course was helpful too me I would like to see more examples of good leads and receive more tips on choosing the right words that are  catchy and should be included in leads.

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Chapter’s 5 & 6

This information is based upon my reading from “Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques,” 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox.

Chapter 5 discussed how to properly write a new release. A news release, also known as a press release, are known to be the backbone of almost all publicity plans. There are three essential thing’s that you must do while creating your news release if you want it to be published. First, you must follow a standardized format. Second, you must provide information that will interest the audience. Lastly, your material must be timely.

The primary reason for news releases is to help achieve organizational objectives. News releases are also know to be cost effective. When planning a news release, there are many thing’s that have to be planned out beforehand. the book discusses the selection of paper, fundamentals about word processing a release, and the style you should follow.

I found it surprising that the spacing and margins differ among the different types of news releases.  Double-spacing is standard for printed news releases distributed via fax or regular email. If you are distributing news releases via e-mail and the internet, single-spacing is the standard format.

Chapter 6 discussed the preparation of fact sheets, advisories, media kits, and pitches. A fact sheet often accompanies a news release or a media kit. A fact sheet is a list of facts in outline or bullet form that a reporter can use as a quick reference when writing a story. There are several kinds of fact sheets.

Media advisories, also known as media alerts, tell the assignment editors about up-coming events that they might be interested in covering from a story, photo, or video perspective. The most common format uses, short, bulleted items rather than long paragraphs.

Media Kits are also called press kits. they are usually prepared  for major events and new product launches. Its purpose is to give editors and reporters a variety of information and resources that make it easier for the reporter to write about the topic.

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The Murderer That Wont Go Away

I’m sure that you are all aware of who Joran Van Der Sloot is. He was the suspect in the Natalie Holloway investigation after the high school graduate disappeared in Aruba.

In May 2005, Holloway went on a trip after graduation with several of her best friends. She was expected to return on May 30 but she never showed up for her flight.

This case turned into a media sensation in the U.S. Hundreds of people volunteered in the efforts to find Holloway but the investigation was unsuccessful. Holloway was last seen leaving a night club with Van Der Sloot. At first he denied everything and he claimed that he hadn’t seen her laste ron in the night.

A few years later he was caught on tape admitting that he dumped Holloway’s body in the ocean after killing her. Soon after he denied that the statement was truthful. In an interview later on he claimed that he old  Holloway into the sex trade.

It is unknown what really happened to the beautiful high school graduate. After the Aruba incident, Van Der Sloot strikes again, this time he was finally charged with murder. Stephany Flores Rimeraz was murderd in Van Der Sloots hotel room. She allegedly found out about his involvement in the 2005 case so he strangled her.

This inhumane, terrible person is a serial killer in my opinion. And its about time that he is charged with murder. He has gotten away with it for the last time. Authorities now say that they are investigating other murders that are similar to the two girl’s cases. Van Der Sloot may have had more victims that are unaccounted for.

Its sad that the Holloway family will never have a proper burial for there beloved daughter. they will always question whether or not she is still alive and in the sex trade or whether or not she was brutally murdered by this animal of a person.

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Week 3

In my opinion, comments are part of blogs because we write blogs for the purpose of sharing our thoughts with others so the feedback is important. I have never been a blogger in the past but now that I have been introduced to it, I have become an addict.

I found it intersting last semester to see what my peers had to say about the scandals that were occuring. It was funny to see others thoughts on the Tiger Woods scandal. Comments are also important for instructors to see if they’re students are being active and reading other’s blogs. it is neat to see how different people react to other’s blogs; for instance I may have a different take on a topic compared to someone else in my class.

Comments can also be used as constructive criticism. There is a student in my class that left tips for me in a comment after she noticed I had made some mistakes in my blog, which really helped me out. It is very useful when people leave helpful tips that can better your blog.

In my opinion, it is important to read the blog all the way through and understand what the point is that the person is trying to get across. Last semester i noticed my classmates were becoming very opinionated in there comments, so it is important that you are open minded and respect other’s views on topics even if they differ from your personal belief’s.

It is also important to leave constructive criticism if you notice someone’s blog contains error’s. We all make mistakes, even though we should be proofreading them before they are published, we may still overlook a few things.

Overall blogs are fun and they are a great form of communication and getting to know other people that you may have never approached in person. Sometimes people will surprise you, and just becasue they don’t seem like you would have common interest’s, doesn’t mean that you don’t.

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Sometimes I ask myself why people are so pressured to be in relationships when most of the time they just stress people out. Im not referring to the relationships that we have with our family or friend’s, im talking about the ones we have with our boyfriends and girlfriends.

Im different then most people, I prefer to be just one person, and honestly im a very awkward person to go on a date with. You would think that after 22 years of experience I would be able carry on a conversation with a stranger but i don’t care for it. First off guys are just annoying too me half the time and they are always trying to show off and make themselves seem so much cooler then they actually are. Secondly, im not into making small talk with a person that I don’t know that well. Dates just seem so forced too me.

My first relationship began when I was a freshman in High School and it lasted up until I was a freshman in college. Him and I were more like best friends then anything else. It was convenient for the time being. Then I met my present boyfriend when I was a sophomore and we have been together ever since. We have broken up a few times here and there due to the stress of us both attending different schools and not having enough time for a relationship, it would  stress me out. It is hard for me to balance taking three summer classes, working and trying to work on a relationship.

If my current relationship doesn’t end up working out, hopefully I will have gotten the hang of the dating game by then but until then I am hopeless. I know that im not the only one that feels this way, many of my friends agree with my perspective on dating and relationships.

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