June 4, 2010 StormAshley

Sometimes I ask myself why people are so pressured to be in relationships when most of the time they just stress people out. Im not referring to the relationships that we have with our family or friend’s, im talking about the ones we have with our boyfriends and girlfriends.

Im different then most people, I prefer to be just one person, and honestly im a very awkward person to go on a date with. You would think that after 22 years of experience I would be able carry on a conversation with a stranger but i don’t care for it. First off guys are just annoying too me half the time and they are always trying to show off and make themselves seem so much cooler then they actually are. Secondly, im not into making small talk with a person that I don’t know that well. Dates just seem so forced too me.

My first relationship began when I was a freshman in High School and it lasted up until I was a freshman in college. Him and I were more like best friends then anything else. It was convenient for the time being. Then I met my present boyfriend when I was a sophomore and we have been together ever since. We have broken up a few times here and there due to the stress of us both attending different schools and not having enough time for a relationship, it would  stress me out. It is hard for me to balance taking three summer classes, working and trying to work on a relationship.

If my current relationship doesn’t end up working out, hopefully I will have gotten the hang of the dating game by then but until then I am hopeless. I know that im not the only one that feels this way, many of my friends agree with my perspective on dating and relationships.


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