The Murderer That Wont Go Away

June 5, 2010 StormAshley

I’m sure that you are all aware of who Joran Van Der Sloot is. He was the suspect in the Natalie Holloway investigation after the high school graduate disappeared in Aruba.

In May 2005, Holloway went on a trip after graduation with several of her best friends. She was expected to return on May 30 but she never showed up for her flight.

This case turned into a media sensation in the U.S. Hundreds of people volunteered in the efforts to find Holloway but the investigation was unsuccessful. Holloway was last seen leaving a night club with Van Der Sloot. At first he denied everything and he claimed that he hadn’t seen her laste ron in the night.

A few years later he was caught on tape admitting that he dumped Holloway’s body in the ocean after killing her. Soon after he denied that the statement was truthful. In an interview later on he claimed that he old  Holloway into the sex trade.

It is unknown what really happened to the beautiful high school graduate. After the Aruba incident, Van Der Sloot strikes again, this time he was finally charged with murder. Stephany Flores Rimeraz was murderd in Van Der Sloots hotel room. She allegedly found out about his involvement in the 2005 case so he strangled her.

This inhumane, terrible person is a serial killer in my opinion. And its about time that he is charged with murder. He has gotten away with it for the last time. Authorities now say that they are investigating other murders that are similar to the two girl’s cases. Van Der Sloot may have had more victims that are unaccounted for.

Its sad that the Holloway family will never have a proper burial for there beloved daughter. they will always question whether or not she is still alive and in the sex trade or whether or not she was brutally murdered by this animal of a person.


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