Week 3

June 5, 2010 StormAshley

In my opinion, comments are part of blogs because we write blogs for the purpose of sharing our thoughts with others so the feedback is important. I have never been a blogger in the past but now that I have been introduced to it, I have become an addict.

I found it intersting last semester to see what my peers had to say about the scandals that were occuring. It was funny to see others thoughts on the Tiger Woods scandal. Comments are also important for instructors to see if they’re students are being active and reading other’s blogs. it is neat to see how different people react to other’s blogs; for instance I may have a different take on a topic compared to someone else in my class.

Comments can also be used as constructive criticism. There is a student in my class that left tips for me in a comment after she noticed I had made some mistakes in my blog, which really helped me out. It is very useful when people leave helpful tips that can better your blog.

In my opinion, it is important to read the blog all the way through and understand what the point is that the person is trying to get across. Last semester i noticed my classmates were becoming very opinionated in there comments, so it is important that you are open minded and respect other’s views on topics even if they differ from your personal belief’s.

It is also important to leave constructive criticism if you notice someone’s blog contains error’s. We all make mistakes, even though we should be proofreading them before they are published, we may still overlook a few things.

Overall blogs are fun and they are a great form of communication and getting to know other people that you may have never approached in person. Sometimes people will surprise you, and just becasue they don’t seem like you would have common interest’s, doesn’t mean that you don’t.


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