Pr Connection Week 4

June 12, 2010 StormAshley

It is amazing too me how much celebrities get paid to be on twitter and advertise companies. Twitter has been a growing sensation in the media and one of its main attributes is the ability to follow your favorite celebrity on it and watch they’re every move.

Today stars are tweeting about everything, ranging from there favorite personal trainers to what toilet paper they prefer. We all know that we wouldn’t tweet about such personal thing’s unless someone was offering us money to do so.

It has been rumored that Kim Kardashian received twelve thousand dollar’s to tweet about how much she loves the product Quiktrim. I’m really confused as to why she is a celebrity in the first place, never mind being paid that much money just for tweeting about it. But that goes to show you just how powerful the media is and how big of an influence celebrities have over us.

My good friend Mandy folllows Kristin Cavallari’s twitter religiously. Every day shes like Oh My Gosh Kristin went to the gym for three hours this morning, or ill hear “Kristin likes grapes so i’m going to start eating them.”  I find it comical but a lot of people love following celebrities on twitter because it gives them a feeling that they know them on a more personal leve

I have yet to create a twitter account, but I know that I will have to for an assignment for this class so I guess I will see if I like it. Who knows, maybe ill become like the rest and be addicted to twitter. But I highly doubt it!


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