PR Connections for Week 5

June 19, 2010 StormAshley

Ok so my guilty pleasure is getting on to skinny vs. curvy… its the best website ever invented. You can get on and look up the most recent pictures of celebrities. The website has a vast majority of different categories that you can choose from, ranging from red carpet pictures to bikini pictures.

Its amazing to me to see how the photographers get so close to the celebrities especially in personal moments. I remember just recently there being a picture of Jessica Simpson leaving the gym. It makes you wonder how long they have to sit and wait just to get that one shot that can make millions.

The website also shows you the photo shopped version of the picture and the actual copy. Its insane how celebrities are made out to be perfect people without imperfections but when you see the original picture, they look entirely different and like every day people.

In my opinion it is wrong for celebrities to be photo shopped, it gives young girls the wrong expectation of what you should look like. Its a double standard because celebrities look beautiful in there picture but yet most of it has been edited to appeal to the readers.

Jessica Hits The Gym


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