Topic of the Week, Week 5

June 19, 2010 StormAshley

During week 5, our assignment was to create a twitter account and follow people in our class. I am not a huge twitter fan. I remember when it fist came out and I first heard about it on the radio and I thought to myself, Wow that’s a weird name!

In all honesty, I had no desire to create a twitter account until it became a class assignment. I have always been an avid facebook fan, but i never could grasp the concept of twitter. I know its popular among celebrities because they get paid based on what products they promote via twitter, Kim Kardashian is famous for her high priced tweets.

During the week, I followed a few people I found to be interesting, one of which was my good friend Mandy. I began to get the hang of it. Although I didn’t know what to tweet about without sounding lame.It was hard for me to get on to my account several times a day due to my class schedule.

I’m pretty sure I tweeted about the test I was studying for. I checked out other people’s tweets and they mostly consisted of  personal updates about the weather or what they were about to do. If anyone wanted to stalk a person, twitter would be the way to go.

Although it only lasted a week, I was already running out of things to tweet about on the first day. I can understand why companies use twitter because its a good way to keep followers updated, but I don’t see the point of every day people using it to update when they are at the grocery store and what type of crackers they bought. I would have liked to enjoy twitter more but it just isn’t my favorite form of communication.


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