Chapter’s 11 & 12

July 8, 2010 StormAshley

This information is based upon my reading from “Public relations Writing And Media Techniques,” 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox.

Chapter 11 discussed Getting Along with Journalists. In this chapter I learned that media relations is the core activity in many public relations jobs. I found it surprising that public relations professionals and journalists have long had a love- hate relationship.

The relationship between public relations and the media is based on mutual cooperation, trust, and respect. Areas of friction between them include:

  • hype and news release spam
  • name calling
  • sloppy/biased reporting
  • tabloid journalism
  • advertising influence

I learned that media etiquette is crucial to public relations professionals. Failure to follow media etiquette often leads to poor media relations. They include:

  • Irritating phone calls
  • inappropriate requests
  • lunch dates
  • gift giving

Chapter 12 discusses Tapping the Web and New Media. I was surprised how big of an impact the internet has on our lives. The World Wide Web has traditionally had the following characteristics:

  • it is centralized, having a top down hierarchy
  • it costs a lot of money to become a publisher
  • it is staffed by professional gatekeepers known as editors and publishers
  • it features mostly one-way communication with limited feedback channels

Some advantages of the world wide web include the ability to update information quickly, it allows interactivity, inline readers can dig deeper into subjects that interest  them by linking to information provided on other sites, other articles, and sources.

There are some important tips that a public relations professional must follow when writing for the web. These tips include:

  • write the way you talk
  • limit each page to a single concept
  • use a lot of bullet- point lists
  • make sure each page provides the context readers need
  • limit the use of italics and boldface
  • don’t overuse hyperlinks within narrative text
  • make sure your hyperlinks are relevant
  • provide feedback options for readers

I found it surprising that the world wide web acquires a unique characteristic that traditional media does not, it is interactivity between the sender and the receiver.


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