Topic of the Week 8

July 8, 2010 StormAshley

Public Relations and the media have a relationship that is based on mutual cooperation. Although PR people can sometimes drive journalists crazy. Ways that a PR person can drive a journalist crazy includes:

  • excessive hype
  • not doing the necessary homework
  • making a nuisance of themselves.
  • improper advertising
  • over communication
  • hyperbole
  • use of artificiality and manipulation
  • damaging the fragile
  • spam
  • not meeting deadlines

PR people tend to send too many emails, faxes or call too many times. so avoiding doing this would reduce the aggravation for journalists. It is important for a PR person not too make too many follow up phone calls.

In journalism, time is everything and there is no such thing as late. So naturally journalists get angry when PR people do not meet deadlines. It would be best if the PR person met the deadlines that journalist set for them.

It is important for journalists to be careful when selecting e-mails and and “trinkets” to send to journalists. Journalists find these to be tasteless and trashy. PR people often times send gimmicks in hope that it helps separate their media kits and releases from the pack, journalists find these to be a waste of time.

The over-usage of hype and promotion have caused journalists to openly insult PR as nothing but deception. Here journalists use the term “flack.” Such name calling implies lack of respect among journalists and PR people.

Some of these ways are discussed in public Relations Writing And Media Techniques.


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