My Night at the Hospital

July 10, 2010 StormAshley

WOW…that’s what I had to say after leaving the hospital at 4 O’ clock this morning. I have had problems with my ears for as long as I can remember. I get these cysts that turn into the size of a large grape. I have already had three surgeries on both ears to have them removed…but long and behold, they are back!

I was in so much pain last night i could not withstand it much longer. I had been putting off going to the doctor for three weeks now, partly because I have been so busy with school.

I talk to my mom a few times every day but I have never called her past 10 at night, so i’m pretty sure i gave her the scare of a lifetime when I called my parents at one thirty in the morning crying due to the pain I was in. My mom told me to get straight to the hospital, and naturally she was upset with me for putting this off for so  long.

When i got to the hospital there were only two other people in the waiting room and they were called back quickly. Finally, my name was called after waiting thirty minutes. I was waiting in my room for the doctor to come in and all I could hear was a baby screaming, like the pain from my ear wasn’t aggravating enough! At last the doctor came in. He was shocked at how big my cyst was and he said it needed to be drained immediately.

So I waited another hour for him to return to drain my ear. I’m sacred to death of needles and he told me that he would have to numb the whole area first then stick a needle in it to drain it and then stick another needle full of saline in it to flush it out. I was freaking out to say the least. After it was all said and done i felt much better.

Little did I know I would have to wait another hour for the nurse to return to bandage me up and give me my care instructions. This was by far the longest wait I have ever waited for medical care. And the worst part…I had to wake up at nine this morning to work all day.


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  • 1. tabathapr  |  July 12, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Hey Ashley,
    I am so sorry to hear that you had to go to the hospital. I hate going to the emergency room. It is such a long wait and filled with so many germs. I am sure your mom was angry that you did not go sooner to get the cyst looked at. Have you gone to a doctor to see what is causing them to come back? I hope that everything works out for you, so you will not have to deal with the pain again.

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