Topic of The Week, Week 9

July 12, 2010 StormAshley

It’s no surprise that I was not a regular blogger before this class began. I had created my blog account for a previous class but I never enjoyed it as much as I have this summer term.I intend to keep up with my blog after my class is over.

When you are a first time blogger, it is important that you create an about me page. This way reader’s can get to know you and what figure out what type of person you are. This way , it gives everyone that reads your blog an idea of what type of  issue’s you are interested in and will be blogging about. For example, I discussed my love for animals on my about me page and I chose PETA as my organization.

Posting a picture of yourself is also useful when creating a blog. Pictures are especially useful when your reader’s don’t know you personally, it gives them a chance to associate a face with your blog. It helps blogging feel more personable.

When blogging for a class it is important to make sure you have all of your topics categorized so it is easier for your professor to find your work. If not it will reflect in your grade. For example, make sure you have a section for blog comments, reading notes and so on.

It helps to follow your peers blogs, especially class members. This way it can help you make sure you are staying on track if you are confused about an assignment. I know I found myself doing this a few times throughout the term.

When you are blogging about your reading notes, it is helpful to read the material first. This way, you don’t have to worry about which topics you find most important to include in your blog.

When blogging it is important that you consider others opinions. You have to remember that not everyone shares common opinions and beliefs. This is especially important when you are blogging about topics such as religion and race and politics.

It is important that you make sure your blogs are the proper lengths. The professor sets requirements so it is crucial that you meet them. Ive heard that typing your blog in word helps, although I have never tried it.

When you are blogging about an assignment that you have completed for your class, it is important that you supply a hyperlink to the assignment.

If you happen to be blogging about information that your received from a source, it is ALWAYS necessary that you site your source in your blog. Otherwise it is pliagerism.

Last but not least, it is important to comment on others blogs. This can help you interact with your classmates and share your opinion with them and hopefully give them insight.


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