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Hey Everyone! My name is Ashley Storm, I am currently attending Georgia Southern University where I am a Public Relations Major. I hope to graduate by next Spring and I will most likely be moving back to Atlanta. I would like to find a career that involved event planning. Although I see myself enjoying any type of career in Public Relations because I am a people oriented person and I love being around and communicating with others. I have always had an interest in wedding planning but I would also enjoy event planning for various companies.

I have the most amazing family in the world. I am the daughter of Richard and Patricia Storm. My parents are my best friends, I consider myself lucky to be able to say that considering most of my friends cant stand they’re parents. I come from a very close family, we are all supportive of each other no matter what challenge we are facing. If it weren’t for my parents I have no idea where I would be today. I have a little brother named Tyler that just turned sixteen. The idea of  him driving scares me to death. I have three adorable dogs that I have adopted over the years. I’m known for bringing home stray animals, my parents fear of what type of animal I will walk in the door with next.

I am originally from Connecticut, I lived there until I was about eight and then my dad’s company transferred him to Canada. It was hard for me as a young girl to leave all my friends that I had grown up with and known my whole life , although I was excited about creating new relationships with new friends that I would meet. I lived in Canada for two years, it was a culture shock for me to say the least. My parents enrolled me in a private school in Richmond Hill, where we lived. The children there were not welcoming at first, most of them were all born in Canada and they had a grudge against Americans. It took me  a while but I managed to find a few good friends. There was one girl named Michelle Acacio that I grew close to over the two years that I lived there. Before I knew it we were moving back to the United States and boy was I happy! I was excited for our new adventure! We moved to Alpharetta Georgia. I have lived in Georgia now for twelve years and I never plan to  leave.

If I had to describe myself in a few sentences I would say that I am a responsible, reliable person and I have a big heart, which is not a good thing sometimes. Although I tend be hard to deal with sometimes, I am over all easy going and I am always looking for a new adventure.


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