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Hey Ashley! I totally agree with you about the Tiger Woods scandal. I think he is a sad individual and what he put his family through is terrible. I also agree with you that publicists shouldn’t do all the dirty work for there clients. It makes me so mad that he “apologized” to the public. It was not sincere at all, a blind person could have seen through him.And i completely agree with you that these men need to grow up. It seems like the more money they have the more problems they have. Tiger Woods had the seemingly perfect life and he washed it all down the drain by doing what he did. I hope he regrets it for the rest of his life. At least she walked away with $750 million.


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Hey Ashley! I am obsessed with The Real Housewives too. I watch it religiously. That’s so neat that you follow the show also. It has been a crazy season so far for New Jersey. I can’t believe all of the drama that has occurred so far. My mom and I both think that someone is going to end up dead by the time the season is over. That Danielle lady is the craziest, by far. She creeps me out. I was unable to watch tonight’s episode but I had my parents record it so i’m looking forward to seeing it the next time I am able to go home.I really enjoyed this blog : )

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Hey Charlie! I totally agree with you that studying abroad or visiting another country should be part of our education. I have not yet had the opportunity to visit Europe but hopefully one day I will get the chance. I think it is important that we are introduced to new cultures and different ways of living. It helps us become more diverse and open minded, which is always important. I enjoyed your blog, maybe you can add some pictures some time! They would be enjoyable to look at.

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Hey Lauren! First off, I think that it is so neat you have the opportunity to spend July and some of August in Europe! I found your blog very interesting. Its always neat to hear the opinions of others from different countries. I feel like some of his rules can apply to more than just the train, maybe the airplane or sitting in class. I totally agree with him, foods that smell should not be allowed. Ive had one too many experiences sitting in class when the person walks in and you can smell there exotic fish for the entire hour you have to suffer sitting there. I also feel that PDA is never good, in my opinion its rude. No one wants to be stuck on a train ride, or anywhere for that matter, and have to be subjected to such nonsense.


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Hey Ashley! I totally agree with you about the added drama that facebook creates. I have a facebook account but i rarely get on it because it seems like every time i get on people are trying to slam others with there facebook statuses’…which is so childish in my opinion. I am not someone that used to enjoy blogging until i took my first Public Relations class last semester and got to experience it for the first time. Like you, i hope that i have enough knowledge about these new ways of communication to survive our Public Relations Writing class. i look forward to reading and enjoying more of your blog posts!

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