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PR in Trueblood!

My all time favorite show is Trueblood. For all you that don’t follow this series, ill give you a quick summary of it!

It is about how vampires and humans live together in Louisiana. The vampires are viewed to be bad and harmful, meanwhile the humans are just as bad morally. However, unlike other vampire movies, in Trueblood vampires interact with humans daily. They are even known to date each other.

When there is a PR mess, the vampires have a lady that represents them on the news or in the public. I was so surprised to see that they had a publicist in the show. Its neat to me to see how PR plays a major role in today’s society.

Without PR professionals, there would be a lot of animosity in the news and a lot more tension. In my opinion, PR professionals are great at damage control. There are many examples of this, such as: the Tiger Woods scandal, the Bill Clinton scandal. Is it just me or do celebrities get themselves in a lot of trouble? and they count of they’re publicist to bail them out.


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PR Connections for Week 5

Ok so my guilty pleasure is getting on to skinny vs. curvy… its the best website ever invented. You can get on and look up the most recent pictures of celebrities. The website has a vast majority of different categories that you can choose from, ranging from red carpet pictures to bikini pictures.

Its amazing to me to see how the photographers get so close to the celebrities especially in personal moments. I remember just recently there being a picture of Jessica Simpson leaving the gym. It makes you wonder how long they have to sit and wait just to get that one shot that can make millions.

The website also shows you the photo shopped version of the picture and the actual copy. Its insane how celebrities are made out to be perfect people without imperfections but when you see the original picture, they look entirely different and like every day people.

In my opinion it is wrong for celebrities to be photo shopped, it gives young girls the wrong expectation of what you should look like. Its a double standard because celebrities look beautiful in there picture but yet most of it has been edited to appeal to the readers.

Jessica Hits The Gym

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Pr Connection Week 4

It is amazing too me how much celebrities get paid to be on twitter and advertise companies. Twitter has been a growing sensation in the media and one of its main attributes is the ability to follow your favorite celebrity on it and watch they’re every move.

Today stars are tweeting about everything, ranging from there favorite personal trainers to what toilet paper they prefer. We all know that we wouldn’t tweet about such personal thing’s unless someone was offering us money to do so.

It has been rumored that Kim Kardashian received twelve thousand dollar’s to tweet about how much she loves the product Quiktrim. I’m really confused as to why she is a celebrity in the first place, never mind being paid that much money just for tweeting about it. But that goes to show you just how powerful the media is and how big of an influence celebrities have over us.

My good friend Mandy folllows Kristin Cavallari’s twitter religiously. Every day shes like Oh My Gosh Kristin went to the gym for three hours this morning, or ill hear “Kristin likes grapes so i’m going to start eating them.”  I find it comical but a lot of people love following celebrities on twitter because it gives them a feeling that they know them on a more personal leve

I have yet to create a twitter account, but I know that I will have to for an assignment for this class so I guess I will see if I like it. Who knows, maybe ill become like the rest and be addicted to twitter. But I highly doubt it!

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The Murderer That Wont Go Away

I’m sure that you are all aware of who Joran Van Der Sloot is. He was the suspect in the Natalie Holloway investigation after the high school graduate disappeared in Aruba.

In May 2005, Holloway went on a trip after graduation with several of her best friends. She was expected to return on May 30 but she never showed up for her flight.

This case turned into a media sensation in the U.S. Hundreds of people volunteered in the efforts to find Holloway but the investigation was unsuccessful. Holloway was last seen leaving a night club with Van Der Sloot. At first he denied everything and he claimed that he hadn’t seen her laste ron in the night.

A few years later he was caught on tape admitting that he dumped Holloway’s body in the ocean after killing her. Soon after he denied that the statement was truthful. In an interview later on he claimed that he old  Holloway into the sex trade.

It is unknown what really happened to the beautiful high school graduate. After the Aruba incident, Van Der Sloot strikes again, this time he was finally charged with murder. Stephany Flores Rimeraz was murderd in Van Der Sloots hotel room. She allegedly found out about his involvement in the 2005 case so he strangled her.

This inhumane, terrible person is a serial killer in my opinion. And its about time that he is charged with murder. He has gotten away with it for the last time. Authorities now say that they are investigating other murders that are similar to the two girl’s cases. Van Der Sloot may have had more victims that are unaccounted for.

Its sad that the Holloway family will never have a proper burial for there beloved daughter. they will always question whether or not she is still alive and in the sex trade or whether or not she was brutally murdered by this animal of a person.

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Vidalia Onion Promoting Shrek

I was on my way to class this morning and I was listening to the radio and the talk show host brought up how big Vidalia Onions were becoming. I have heard of them before just because im living in Statesboro and Vidalia isnt too far from here but i never thought they were tat big of a company.

The Radio Host was discussing how Vidalia Onion teamed up with Disney and they are packaging it’s onion’s in Shrek themed packages. This is huge for Vidalia Onion. Everyone was calling in and commenting on how they’re children were noticing the onions in the store and they were even willing to eat them when they would normally refuse.

Even though they have just recently teamed up, Vidalia Onion is already reporting a major increase in sales due to the Shrek themed packaging. Overall it has turned out to be a success.

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